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Kannada Phonetic Transcription: NLP

The world has opened up to learn natural languages, particularly in India. Working on natural languages has become crucial. India is a country where 1,652 languages were identified in 1961 & it is believed that 880 languages are still in use. India has 22 official languages one of them is Kannada and is rapidly used in the state of Karnataka [1].Nearly, 40 million Kannadigas and 50.8 million speakers have found [2]. Natural language processing is a way to communicate with intelligent systems using natural language techniques. This paper presents Kannada phonetic transcription, is a part of natural language processing. Phonetic transcription is a process of representing words, sentences or language by means of phonetic symbols. The paper presents a way to transcript Kannada language using UTF-8 encoding to pronounce phonemes. Index terms - Phoneme, Phonetic, Transcription, UTF-8