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A Survey On Text Search Engine

Web search engine is a program designed to assist discover statistics stored on the World Wide Web. Search engine indexes are similar, however massively extra complex that returned of the e book indexes. The best of the indexes, and the way the engines use the statistics they incorporate, is what makes or breaks the satisfactory of search outcomes. The widespread majority of users navigate the Web through search engines like google and yahoo. Yet searching can be the most frustrating activity using a browser. Type in a key-word or word, and we are probable to get lots of responses, only a handful of that are near what we searching out. Still, engines like google have come a protracted way inside the beyond few years. Although most folks will by no means want to end up specialists on web indexing, knowing even a little bit about how they may be constructed and used can massively improve our searching abilities. This paper gives a brief introduction to the web search engines, principle of search engine, the work process, evaluation of search engines, discuss various searching strategies, and the recent technologies in the web search engines. Index Terms – search engine, indexes.