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A Secure Data Storage in Cloud using Lightweight Approaches

Cloud computing is the platform that provides different services for the users and companies on a pay-as-you-use basis. The security measure as far as the cloud storage concerned is low. Therefore the data compromise will occur due to attacks by the third party users in cloud storage. To overcome the attacks in the cloud storage the lightweight approaches such as fragmentation and replication mechanism are proposed. Using lightweight approaches the file that is uploaded and it is split into fragments and replicate the fragmented data over the cloud nodes. In T-coloring fragmentation algorithm, each node stores only a single file fragment of a particular data file, which ensures that no meaningful information is revealed on a successful attack. Due to this the attacker cannot guess the locations of the fragmented file. In T-coloring replication algorithm, the files can be replicated based on the various distance measures. The original content of the file can be obtained by giving the request and downloading the file from the cloud storage. Due to this high level security is maintained in terms of attack inside the cloud storage. Keywords - Centrality, Cloud Security, Fragmentation, Replication