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Internet of Things for Smart Waste Management

The Internet of Things or simply IOT is a concept for connecting dissimilar objects or simply things with each other through human interactions. It is able to give a common and friendly platform for machine-to-machine communication based on computations over particular subsets of data and responding according to the data that is received in an expected manner over its domain. It is a network of data-collecting sensors, with physical or virtual impulses over an instantaneous connection providing a larger than life digital experience to the mankind. It’s going to make everything in our lives starting from the time we wake up to the things we use in our daily lives to the mediums of our convenience way more powerful, friendly and most of all communicative and smart. When we debate over making machines “smart,” we’re talking about providing senses to every machine that we use that can feel, reply, judge and work. Moreover we are trying to create a species of machines that will help the species of human. Keywords - Introduction, Objectives, Tables, Figures, Proposals, Reference