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Community Policing About Accidental Risks and Road Usage in Uganda

The main objective for this study was to explore and coordinate the various reactions by all road stake holders. These included all road users from pedestrians to motorists; the road administrators like Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), District leaders, community leaders, and residents near these roads. The theme for the discussion was “Own the Roads, Reduce Road Accidents”. Generally, qualitative methods through focus group discussions were used. Data was generated from various groups, discussed and analyzed for this report. Findings showed that there are various issues that happen around the roads. These included among others the destructive load-pulling on roads by motorcyclists, unplanned cyclists’ stages, over speeding, drainage dumping, dirty roads and misuse of road reserves. The study suggested that there was need to pass on this theme patriotically in order to help in the proper road usage in Uganda. There is also need to follow the actual design standards, to help avoid the misuse of road reserves, maintain clean, non-bushy roads, and avoid unplanned humps. Knowledge from this study shall also help in road construction and maintenance designs. Keywords: Drainage, Over speeding, Road maintenance, Roads Act, Road construction.