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Application Semi-Analytical Perturbation Method to System of Partial Differential Equations-Combustion of Spray Combustion

The aim of this work is to apply the homotopy perturbation method and homotopy analysis method to the problem of thermal explosion in a flammable gas mixture with the addition of volatile fuel droplets. The system of equations that describes the effects of heating, evaporation, and combustion of fuel in a poly disperse spray is simplified. Both convective and radiative heating of droplets is taken into account in the model. The model for the radiative heating of droplets takes into account the semi transparency of the droplets. The results of the analysis have been applied to the modeling of the thermal explosion in diesel engines. We applied the Homotopy Perturbation Method and the Homotopy Analysis Method to the new model and we found the region of the convergence of the considered solutions of the relevant physical parameters. The results demonstrate that these methods are very effective for solving nonlinear problems in science and engineering. Keywords - Spray Combustion, Semi-Analytical Methods, Partial Differential Equations