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Identification of Knee Bone Attritions in a DICOM MRI using Histogram Oriented Gradients

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a standard and becoming popular in the digital medical imaging field. Several research works have been progressing in the DICOM medical image processing. In this article, a novel model for detection of knee bone attrition in the DICOM MRI image using Histogram Oriented Gradients is proposed. The Histogram Oriented Gradients has been proven as a superior feature extractor. In this proposed method, the medical practitioner receives a DICOM image with various knee bone attrition marked with Green color. The proposed model is simple and faster. The proposed novel model will assist the physician to diagnose arthritis disease and status of the arthritis disease using the marked regions of knee bone attritions for further investigations to recommend suitable medical procedures. Keywords- DICOM MRI, Medical Imaging, Histogram Oriented Gradients, Feature Extraction, Pattern Recognition