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Methods of Data Encryption and Key Management for the Enhancement of Security in a Cloud Environment

For the enhancement of data security in a cloud storage, advance methods of encryption and key management are required before uploading data to the cloud. Thus, this study proposes a symmetric key management method using data encryption and public key algorithms. The proposed method first stores the data to store in a cloud storage, encrypting them with symmetric key algorithm AES-256. At this time, it encrypts the symmetric key used in the encryption with ECC algorithm and stores it in a key management server. In this method, data are safe with encryption and thorough key management even if the data in the cloud storage leaks by an attacker or is seized in the upload/download process. Since the decryption of the encrypted symmetric key can only be done by the owner of a private key, no one other than the user can neither obtain the symmetric key nor restore the encrypted data. If one should find the private key with a brute-force method, it takes a time of about 1.84*10^68 years in theory a typical PC environment. The method proposed through this study can be a method of storing user data encryption and encryption key safely in a cloud environment. Keywords - Cloud Storage, ECC, AES, Data Encryption, Encryption Key Management