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Power Management of Appliances Remotely through Speech using Mobile Phones

This project aims to control and monitor any electrical appliance by ordinary speech through cellular network using two mobiles phones and a PC in the best simplest way while being in any remote location in the world. As the system depends solely on cellular network so it is safer, economical and applicable in the areas where internet facility is not available. The system uses the prebuilt voice recognition and text to speech function built into windows OS by converting speech into text and after understanding and applying the commands, providing feedback in the form of speech as well. So no extra or special hardware/ software is required at any additional cost. If the system does not understand the voice message, it asks the user to repeat the voice message. The user feels that he is talking to the human like being on the other side. The wireless speech controlled systems available nowadays have a limited wireless range but our system has no distance limitations. Key Words- Power Management, Appliances Remotely, Speech, Mobile Phones