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A Responsive Measure Toward Smartphone Security Threats of Digital Signage; Through Hash Value Comparison

Digital signage, which has become popular in the advertising market these days, refers to digital media installed in a public place or commercial space that provides information, entertainment, and advertisement. Driving a shift from analog outdoor advertisements, the first-generation digital signage has already been commercialized. In addition, the secondgeneration digital signage, which enables two-way communications by increasing interactions with customers, is being commercialized as well. This paper finds out the possible security threats that can be caused by the modulation of digital signage contents in two-way interactional digital signage systems which utilize smartphone as a tool for communicating. This paper also suggests a method to reduce the possibility of smartphone security threat by investigating the modulation of digital signage contents through the hash value comparison. Keywords- Digital Signage, Smartphone, Server, Modulation, Hash