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On-Demand Secure Routing Protocol for Authentication and Data Integrity in Manet

A mobile ad hoc network consists of mobile nodes that communicate in an open wireless medium. Adversaries can launch analysis against the routing information embedded in the routing message and data packets to detect the traffic pattern of the communications; thereby they can obtain the sensitive information of the system, like the identity of a critical node. Privacy-preserving routing is crucial for some ad hoc networks that require stronger privacy protection. A number of schemes have been proposed to protect privacy in ad hoc networks. However, none of these schemes offer complete unlinkability or unobservability property since data packets and control packets are still linkable and distinguishable in these schemes. In this paper, we define stronger privacy requirements regarding privacy-preserving routing in mobile ad hoc networks. Then we propose an unobservable secure routing scheme On-Demand Secure Routing Protocol to offer complete unlinkability and content unobservability for all types of packets. On- Demand secure Routing protocol is efficient as it uses a novel combination of group signature and ID-based encryption for route discovery. Security analysis demonstrates that OSRP can well protect user privacy against both inside and outside attackers. On Demand Secure Routing Protocol is implemented on ns2, and evaluate its performance by comparing with Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector and MASK. The simulation results show that On-Demand Secure Routing Protocol not only has satisfactory performance compared to Adhoc On Demand Distance Vector, but also achieves stronger privacy protection than existing schemes like MASK.