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Vehicle Tracking and Anti-Theft System using Internet of Things

This paper presents a system that effectively and efficiently provides an application of Internet of things in transportation by assisting in Fleet Management, Vehicle Security and Safety. Technology achieves success only when it meets every stratum of people. Apart from the various expensive GPS tracking devices that are available in the market, this paper introduces a vehicle tracking and anti theft system that works only using GSM-GPS and open source technologies which makes it cheapest system for Fleet Management, safety and security. The system checks for change in GPS coordinates of the vehicle when not being used by the owner. Once the location of vehicle changes, owner is notified via text SMS Message. The text SMS message consists of current GPS Location of vehicle and also a warning message. The owner then sends a SMS, which instructs the microcontroller to turn OFF the vehicle by switching the relay supply of the battery of the vehicle. The enviable advantage of this system is that it helps the owner in tracking the vehicle at a greater pace, and reduces the complexities compared to other systems, besides being a cheapest alternative for anti-theft system as well. Keywords - Internet Of Things, Transportation, Fleet Management, GSM-GPS Tracking System, Anti-Theft System.