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Sensor Based Prototype for Mapping with Mobile Phones

With the integration of numerous sensors, mobile phones have revolutionized and this has increased the possibility of more pervasive computing applications. Web 2.0 has also transformed the ways by which users interact with the web and has redefined their roles as well. OpenStreetMap is a notable example under Web 2.0 and a large number of applications use this map data to yield effective solutions. The enormous power of present day mobile devices has opened the gates to effective use of augmented reality in more and more applications. Augmented reality can provide superior experience to the users when combined with Web 2.0 applications. This paper proposes a tool using the sensors of mobile devices that can simplify mapping experience for mappers. We believe that a sensor-based augmented reality application can upgrade the overall mapping process to contribute new data to OSM. Keywords - Openstreetmap, Augmented Reality, Contribution, Mobile Devices & Sensors