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Study of RFID Applications

The growth of Telecommunication in the world has brought about the need for regular update, research and findings to meet the demands of the global world. RFID technology has improved operational procedures and processes in private and public sectors. Due to their versatility, miniaturization, cost-effectiveness, ease of availability, they are used in a variety of applications such as IT Asset Tracking, Race Timing, Passports, Mobile payments, Automation, Security and Access control, Supply chain management, Healthcare, Transport etc. This paper briefly covers RFID technology and its Applications. Apart from all this above applications it also examines the application of RFID specifically in Educational Institutions such as Schools, Colleges and Universities. In educational Institution it can be used for Identification and Tracking of Students in Institution campus using RFID tagged items, Laboratory Management, Library Management, Admission process, Examination centers to avoid any misconduct during Examination. Keywords - RFID, RFID Tags, Scanner, Reader, Telecommunication