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Performance Evaluation on CRUD Operations in Big Databases

Digital game based learning (DGBL) provides a different approach to learning that incorporates education into games to make learning more fun and interactive compared to the traditional teacher-centered method. Educational mobile games are conducive to learning because of their multimedia content which can enhance student motivation to learn. This study developed an Emotional Digital Game-based Learning Application (EDGLA), based on the ARCS motivational model. The EDGLA also allows learners to recognise emotion through facial expression. The EDGLA provides game scoring with recorded timings, rankings, and end-of-quiz feedback to motivate players to learn. Finally, we analysed the applications effectiveness and its satisfaction for EDGLA. Consequently, it was found that students showed positive attitudes towards the application. The findings of this study could provide an effective learning approach to improve emotion. Keywords- ARCS motivational model, Digital game-based learning, emotion recognition, multimedia, HCI